Greenwich, CT

"Dealing with high profile clients/celebrities we needed to know that our clients would get to the rehab facility safely and with out issues. We felt that Dan Spivey and Sober Choice was the company to handle these cases. Escorting many of our clients, to date, with out any issues was exactly what was needed. Sober Choice is professional and proficient with their work and available at a moments notice. We didn't have any concerns hiring Dan Spivey and Sober Choice as we knew they would get us the best escort for our clients/celebrites, we knew we could count on them!"

A Very Grateful Mom

February 14th was one of the worst and best days of my life. The worst because my daughter was hitting a cruel ling bottom with drugs and alcohol and the best because it's the day she gave up and started her recovery.

I'm an American living in Switzerland and my daughter was in the USA going to College. When she called home and said she needed "help" a feeling of helplessness came over me being so far away. I knew I needed to take action as soon as possible. The first call I made was to my sister in the US , who then arranged to have professionals go and get her. One of those she called was Dan Spivey. He flew to Vermont immediately to do an invention and bring her to Florida where she entered into a rehab for drugs and alcohol. He has all the qualities needed to get the job done with understanding and compassion. He is strong (in many ways) but kind and gentle person. Very reassuring for someone coming off drugs and alcohol. Very reassuring for me so many miles away. His own experience made him the right person to go and get my daughter. He experienced her pain, as well as knowing the fear that goes with entering into a new life of recovery. A life without drugs and alcohol.

I was just as afraid as my daughter, if not more the day Dan went to pick her up. Having him as a part of the team that went to get her is a gratitude I will never be able to properly express. He was a part of saving my daughter's life. How do you say Thank you for that??

Pro-Athlete & T. V. Personality

Dan Spivey was a difference maker in my sobriety. I was three days into rehab and there stood a gentle giant.  I was lost, scared and hopeless.  He spoke with me, hugged me and let me know that everything was not only going to be okay but if I followed him into battle that in time things will eventually be better than I have ever had them.  That was a huge promise, a promise almost as large as the person delivering it.  I immediately trusted him and counted on him to guide me in my recovery.  I was light years ahead of those without a companion.  He set me up with the right meetings, the right sponsor and gave me direction. After my rehab, he traveled back home with me setting me up in a 3/4 living facility back home. Again, within two days, I had several different meetings to go to, he took me to get a gym membership and workout with me, introduced me to whom became my sponsor and made sure that my shelves were stocked with food and that the facility meet my needs.  He sat through my interview with the facility as well.  Being in a new environment, after traveling and getting settled in can be overwhelming.  Instead of it testing my program (sobriety), it became home immediately and that night was eager to start. The next day Dan took me to surprise my children at school, to visit my mother and brother and to pick up a few more things from storage and the store to make me more comfortable.   Having a sober companion makes the transition manageable and increases your probability of staying sober.  To have Dan Spivey as your sober companion, not only assured my success in this program and made my transition to the real world seamless but providing me a warrior to go to battle with and a friend for life. Thank you again Dan Spivey.

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